GeoMax X-Pole – when TPS meets GNSS

9 March 2017

The new GeoMax  X-Pole solution combining TPS with GNSS measurements in one system has been released.

By combining the advantages of both systems, the new solution significantly improves performance and flexibility on the jobsite.

The seamless integration of X-Pole into the field software allows a toggle between both measurement modes. Simply decide with the press of one button if you want to change from TPS to GNSS mode, such as when some points cannot be measured with TPS due to limited prism visibility. Once those points are measured, switch back to TPS mode. This enhances the efficiency of the system since it eliminates the need for cumbersome and time consuming station setups.

Zoom90`s Track360 functionality allows following a moving prism. In case of loss of lock, the X-Pole solution immediately finds the pole position by obtaining the coordinates from the GNSS receiver mounted on top of the prism.

Key Features:
•    Simultaneous TPS & GNSS measurements during setup
•    Change from TPS to GNSS measurement mode at the press of a button
•    TPS & GNSS measurements stored in one common database
•    Modular solution to be combined with any GeoMax Zenith15/25 Pro /35 Pro GNSS receiver
•    Flexible upgrade path even for robotic TPS & GNSS systems in the market

Field Software
The X-Pole functionality is supported exclusively in the GeoMax X-PAD Field Android &
WinMobile software from version 3.0 onward.


From today on orders can be placed.

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